About Us


The journey into Food and beverage heating began at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in 2017. Water bottles were one of the most ubiquitous products; seemingly every booth was exhibiting them, but, aside from shape and color, there was no technical difference between brands. Question: How do we make a better water bottle? Solution: add a battery and make a bottle that could heat water or even boil. The idea was met with ridicule-the most common response was don't bother trying, heating water is too energy-intensive and cannot be done with a battery. Challenge on!!


R&D took 2.5 years, another 2 years were needed to patent thermoelectric heating technology. The first and only product able to fully boil, 212°F is a full water bottle. Also, temperature maintenance anywhere between room temperature and boiling—a perfect cup every time. From warming baby milk at a low temperature to purifying water to brewing coffee, unmatched control of hot drink temperature. Temperatures can be set directly on device or via smart phone app. Active temperature is shown on an LED display.


Next challenge: apply thermoelectric heating technology to food. 2 more years of R&D, 1 patent granted and more pending, led to Hot Bento. Battery powered, hot meal in 10 minutes anywhere. Hot Bento is the fastest, hottest and easiest to use powered lunch box on the market. Now in second generation, stay tuned for more to come!! Battery powered cordless operation allows a hot meal anywhere, anytime.

Ondago LLC was formed in 2021 for the launch and brand management of Hot Bento and Hot Kup. The members of Ondago are well established companies with proven leadership in their fields.

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